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Perdido Street Station - China MiƩville

I don't quit reading books very often, at least not intentionally. I'm sure I have dozens of books that I just kind of fell off from reading, got distracted by other things, and even yet intend to finish someday. I rarely say "nope, I'm done with this" in any explicit way. But I'm done with Perdido Street Station.


It's not that it's too slow, or boring, or erudite. I actually think it's excellent, the part I've read (about a fifth of the book, 100+ pages out of the 700 my ebook has). Mieville is a gifted world-builder and has thought up some of the most original creatures and societies I've ever read. I'm actually quite fascinated by the two main plots I've come across so far - Isaac and Yagharek, Lin and her patron - and yet, I'm letting it go, at least for now.


You see, Mieville does TOO good a job building his world, and what a dark, disturbing, icky, and repulsive world it is. He takes great delight, it seems, in making this world a place you want to stay far, far away from, and in fact, I can barely read two or three pages in a row sometimes before I find the world too oppressive to continue. I'm more sensitive to ickiness, I think, since becoming pregnant with my daughter (now 6 months old), and I can't live in that world for very long these days.


Perhaps some day I will return. I would like to know whether Isaac succeeds in helping Yagharek fly. I would like to find out more about Lin's mysterious patron. I want to know the secrets of Perdido Street Station. But my constitution won't stand for it right now, and so I move on to something more palatable.